Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why should I donate?

Whenever you listen to a public radio station during pledge drive they always offer these cool premiums when you give them lots and lots of money. I know when I used to listen to these things I'd ask "why would I pay that much?" for a CD or whatever the premium was.

The thing I didn't realize at the time is that I wouldn't be "paying" for anything. What I would be doing is contributing to a cause that is an asset, not just to me, but to the community.

When you listen to big commercial radio stations or watch commercial television, you are seeing or hearing broadcasting that is paid for by the dollars of companies that are buying their time on the airwaves. You are often seeing or hearing content that must follow the guidelines and philosophies of the parent corporations, and often times what is actually put out there for you to see or hear is presented with the best interests of those corporations in mind.

These stations serve their sponsors and their board of directors. Independent stations like KMSU serve the most important asset of all: You.

When you contribute to a station like KMSU you are helping to keeping a truly independent voice on your radio dial. KMSU is staffed by volunteers - people from your community - that believe there is a need for independent media on the airwaves. What you hear on KMSU is content programmed by your friends and neighbors, people with unique opinions and perspective, and they are a reflection of the community they serve.

Many times when you hear a commercial radio station you are hearing a playlist that is programmed by one person who lives half way across the country. That same person is programming twelve other stations, and those twelve other stations sound exactly the same. This is why you can't find "Jack" when you're searching the dial for something to hear.

The reason KMSU asks for your financial support a couple of times a year is because we don't do the advertising thing. We are truly independent, and we can't rely on the advertising dollar to finance our station. We rely on the support of our listeners and underwriters to keep us on the air, and radio stations aren't cheap.

You know how expensive it can be when your car breaks down? Well, when a radio transmitter goes down it is like having to pay for a new house! We're mom and pop radio, and we don't have bottomless corporate coffers to dip into when we have a major repair. Honestly, any time something breaks down at a station it is a major repair!

So when we come to you and ask for your financial assistance to keep this wonderfully unique radio experience on the air, we are truly grateful. Your donations are more than just dollars. Your donations are a vote for independent voices on an increasingly homogenized and corporate driven media landscape, as well as a vote for our programming and our place in the community.

Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support today. You can also write to us at with your name, address, phone number, and the amount you'd like to pledge, and we'll send you a bill. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! The e-mail is not secure and we cannot guarantee the security of that information.

Thank you for your belief in KMSU!

Questions? Write to us at

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